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Thorough Investigations & Achievable Solutions

We meet customer expectations and needs by performing a thorough evaluation and documentation of our findings. We specialize in detecting the cause of damage and are able to make recommendations to remove and build back the damaged locations as needed. JLS provides a full range of services for construction defect projects. Our professionals use a sophisticated management style and are trained to be consistent in their inspection methods to ensure a work product with the same level of quality and completeness for every job. Detailed reports of all investigative testing services provided.

JLS proficiencies in this area include:

  • On-site Inspection
  • Core Samples
  • Site Visited Photos and Field Notes
  • Drone roof inspections
  • Destructive testing in order to determine hidden causes of damage
  • Forensic consulting
  • Expert witness work with causation
  • Cost of Repair (COR) services
  • Water testing
  • Window testing
  • Destructive testing

This an investigative process that determines where a mold problem originated and helps to define the scope of the remediation plan. There are often cases where a visual inspection does not suffice to properly identify all areas of contamination because most microbial problems are not visible. With the assistance of Forensic consultants and the implementation of the proper engineering controls, layers of the structure are exposed to pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

Our Process

  • Identify Probable Areas for Testing +
    Using visual inspection, JLS will identify probable areas for testing. We will also perform a thorough visual inspection of your site or home to determine the likely areas of contamination.
  • Identify hidden sources of water intrusion and mold contamination +
    The destructive testing process is used by our certified mold abatement technicians to access hidden areas where excessive mold growth and contamination is suspected to exist. Destructive testing can be used to find mold growth that has developed in reservoirs above ceilings, underneath floors, and even behind walls.
  • Construct and set up containment barriers +
    Our technicians take extra precautions to ensure that the proper barriers are set up to isolate all mold-affected areas. This minimizes the amount of dust created during the course of action, and allows the occupants to stay in unaffected areas of the residence or commercial building during the investigative process. Proper containment of the affected area with barriers helps to safeguard human health.
  • Develop plan for remediation, abatement, and correction of the construction defect +
    The destructive testing process is not only used to inspect and locate the source of contamination, but to remove the mold spores and thoroughly clean the affected area as well. Destructive testing is necessary in these instances because simply cleaning the visible mold will not eliminate the problem if it exists beneath the surface of the wall or floor.