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Did you know that molds are found everywhere ?

corner-remediationMolds are found everywhere, both inside and outside, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by the slightest of air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow and spread.

When spores are present in large quantities, they can be a health hazard to humans and animals and potentially cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other serious health concerns.

Mold exposure is an experience that no one wants, but if it is happening to your home or office, you want a company with years of experience assessing mold infestations and a track record of successfully correcting the problem.

The JLS Environmental Construction Science team has over 20 combined years of experience with Mold Remediation and Abatement. We know how to identify your mold issues and, better yet, how to fix them.

JLS ECS ensures that there is little or no collateral damage – the work must be done quickly, cleanly, safely, and conform to EPA and Industry Guidelines. And we offer 24 hour / 365 day emergency service and the ability to respond with all the necessary resources and expertise to keep your material loss and down-time to an absolute minimum.

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