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Home Assessment Summary

The following is a list of diagnostic tests administered in a home assessment. This summary is not exhaustive and more diagnostic tests may be required per the discretion of the building scientist.

JLS ECS will examine and measure a wide range of systems throughout your home and accurately identify and prioritize your home's opportunities for improvement. After testing your home thoroughly JLS will provide suggestions, education, and service options to help improve the health, efficiency and comfort of your home.

Home Assessment Tests

Utility Bill Analysis

We study your utility bills and consumption patterns.

Home Owner Interview

We take into account your primary concerns and issues.

Infrared Scan

Using special equipment, we are able to diagnose areas of air leakage, missing insulation and construction defects. ($2K-10K)

Insulation Inspection

We visually assess any issues with the thermal boundary in the attic, walls and floor.

Appliance Safety Inspection

  1. We test for carbon monoxide safety issues for all combustion appliances. (e.g.: oven, stove, etc.)
  2. We test for appliance combustion safety and fresh air intake to ensure safety and efficiency.
  3. We test for combustion drafting to ensure that combustion gases are not spilling into the home.

Blower Door Test

With this test we can measure the amount and location of air leakage in the home.

Duct Leakage Test

We measure the amount of leakage in the furnace or A/C duct system and identify specific leakage areas.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

We assess any issues with moisture, high humidity, mold and other indicators that lead to poor air quality.

Appliance Inspection

We verify and inspect all major appliances and equipment to determine opportunities for upgrading taking into account all rebates available.

Building Modeling

Using sophisticated software, we will show you a model of your home's structure to determine the areas of greatest heat and cooling loss.

Lighting Inspection

We may be able to recommend replacing incandescent lights with more energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED lighting in many fixtures of the home.

Mold and Asbestos inspection

We assess any issues that may be of importance when making modifications to the home. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and are present in every home. For most homes, these spores are not an issue as they do not have the right conditions to thrive. We also inspect for asbestos.