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Eliminate Water Intrusions

Excess moisture in a home or building provides an ample breeding ground for mold. It can take as little as 24 to 48 hours for mold germination and growth to occur; therefore, any instances of water intrusion should be addressed promptly. First, the source of the water accumulation is identified and repaired to stop fungal growth. A moisture meter is then used to determine if the affected building materials are dry.

Contain the Affected Area

Once the area is dried out, our technicians make protecting the property their top priority. To protect the occupants of the home or building and to prevent the contamination of any unaffected areas, the affected area is contained with barriers. The barriers will confine the dust and mold spores to prevent any chance of cross contamination. By using these barriers, the remediation process is completed in a clean, orderly fashion. This also allows the unaffected areas of the residence or building to remain in use during the mold abatement process.

Implement Engineering Controls

To effectively collect airborne particulates, our technicians pay particular attention to controlling the direction and volume of airflow during the remediation project. Using these types of engineering controls allows us to increase the efficiency of the mold removal process.

Re-Assess Your Home/Office

The affected building materials are removed, if necessary, and the structural elements that cannot be removed are thoroughly cleaned with HEPA filtered equipment and anti-microbial surfactants. After a final detailed cleaning, our team is able to turn the site over to an Industrial Hygienist or a mold testing company for post-remediation clearance.

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