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The jls team working on a restoration projectJohn Sheehan and David Locke founded JLS Environment Services, Inc. in 2002. Combining mutual interests and expertise to build what is now known as JLS Inc. Their goal was, and still is, to provide clients with superior customer service at a fair price.

When JLS first began, they specialized in drying out wet buildings, mold remediation for water damage, and the reconstruction and repair of damaged buildings. Over time JLS has grown and diversified into many other areas of construction.

With five divisions, JLS now provides a wide range of services including remediation, destructive testing, concrete preparation, construction and restoration, and energy retrofitting for residential, commercial, and civic properties.

Our experienced management and field staff are committed to safety, work quality, cost controls, and the overall satisfaction of our clients.

Why JLS Inc

john and dave going to an energy assessmentAll divisions of JLS Inc., put emphasis on training all areas of the company down to the smallest of details. Whether it be accounting or installing a window, our attention to detail is what separates us from our competitors.

We strive to be perfect, but if a mistake is made, we have systems and procedures in place that are immediately implemented to resolve any issues. It is because of this philosophy that we have always maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating without ever having a single complaint.

We also ensure that our extended enterprise (sub contractors) maintain at least an A. Additionally, we constantly work with our suppliers to ensure that we always obtain the best quality materials for the best price. Finally, when doing home assessments we include a mold and asbestos analysis to ensure that maximum comfort can be obtained. To our knowledge, no other competitor has the ability to do this.

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